The Partnership between Team Management and Parents

In Rugby Union the partnership between team management and parents is positively encouraged through:


  • Providing a seasonal diary of the times and dates of training, matches and competitions.
  • Providing information on possible financial issues.
  • Agreeing issues relating to duty of care (e.g. responsibility for travelling to and from games).
  • Encouraging parents to attend coaching sessions and games and making them aware that the “win at all costs” ethos is not accepted in Rugby Union.
  • Ensuring that parents have realistic aspirations for their child and are aware of his/her strengths and weaknesses.
  • Informing parents about specialist equipment that is required (e.g. gum shields), and from where it can be purchased.
  • Ensuring parents are aware of what is acceptable touchline behaviour.
  • And above all, involving parents in peripheral activities that make them feel they ‘belong’, especially if it involves expertise which is not directly rugby related.