The Good Administrator’s code

It is acknowledged that youth rugby will not progress without good quality administrators. Their contribution is essential to the development of all youth sections and the individuals within them.


In Rugby Union administrators should:

  • Encourage an environment within the rugby club whereby the opportunity to play rugby is offered to ALL youngsters.
  • Encourage the concept of good sporting partnerships between young people, their parents, club coaches and officials.
  • Involve young people in the decision-making processes, where appropriate.
  • Recognise that the rugby club has a ‘duty of care’ towards all young club members.
  • Ensure that the club provide responsible supervision for all young people.
  • Promote the concepts of fair play, respect and enjoyment. Discourage the ‘win at all costs’ ethic amongst the club community.


In Rugby Union administrators must:

  • Provide coaches with the opportunity to achieve governing body qualifications.
  • Ensure that equipment and facilities are available for and appropriate to the requirements of the coaches and needs of the young players
  • Ensure that young players are registered under the RFU scheme.
  • Ensure that the club coaching/playing programme reflects the RFU guidelines and does not expose the young players to the possibility of overplaying.
  • Ensure matches are officiated by suitable, and preferably qualified, referees.
  • Ensure that appropriate medical and first aid provision is always available.
  • Promote youth sections as being an integral part of the club.
  • Promote links with the local community, particularly schools.
  • Ensure that the club community is aware of, and abides by the policies and procedures outlined in the RFU Child Protection Guidance booklet.